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What is an Ethics Champion?

Ethics champions have completed training enabling them to demonstrate a deep understanding of business ethics and commitment to the highest professional standards.They have been awarded the 'Ethics Champion' certificate endorsed by both the institute of Recruiters (IOR) & the British Institute of Business Ethics (IBE),and authorised to carry the 'Ethics Champion' logo.

How to become an Ethics Champion

To become an Ethics Champion you must complete an online training and awareness course incorporating four interactive modules to guide staffing professionals in recognising and dealing confidently with day-to-day ethical challenges at work. Read the 'Frequently asked Question' to know more or apply below.

The Ethics Training Programme costs £40 for non IOR members and £30 for members.
Apply to be an Ethics Champion now by emailing:
General questions
1.Why am I having to do this training?
You may find it helpful to familiarise yourself with your company’s Code of Business Ethics (which may be called by a different name.
2.Who needs to do the training course?
People most likely to be exposed to ethical issues and dilemmas are required to complete the training course.
3. What standard am I expected to achieve?
There is no pass or fail mark; however, you are expected to complete the course.
4. What if I don’t pass the course?
The course is designed to promote understanding. It does not have a pass or fail level. If
there are particular matters within the course that you have questions about, it is advised that
you discuss your issues with your line manager or whoever is responsible for ethics within
your organisation.
5. Who will see my training report?
Training completion records are kept by the training provider, the Institute of Business Ethics
( Details of completed training will be shared with IOR so that they can issue
the relevant CPD/completion certificate
6. How long do I have to complete the course?
All Members should complete the course within 2 month(s) of receiving their password. You
can do the course over a number of sessions if you prefer. Each time, you will be able to
resume the course from the point you previously reached.
7. How long does each of the courses take to complete?
From 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how many optional modules you complete. You
will be asked to indicate if you manage staff or not. You will have the option of working
through additional case studies.
8. Can I study the modules within the course in any order?
We recommend that you study the modules in the order they are presented in the course
9. Can I do this training at home?
Yes, this course is accessible from any PC that can access the internet. Just paste the web
link for the courses into your web browser and log in as normal. Any “forgotten password
requests” will be sent directly to the email address you originally registered with.
10. Who has created this training?
This course has been developed for the Institute of Business Ethics ( by SAI 
Global, a training and communications specialist in compliance, ethics and risk
11. What do I need on my computer to complete the course?
It is recommended that you use Windows 7 or XP and Internet Explorer to access this
course. Firefox v11.0 is also supported
12. Why is the screen blank when I click on a module?
You might not have Flash installed. This should be downloaded automatically by the
software. If this doesn’t happen, we recommend that you go the following website where it
can be downloaded:
13. What is my password?
Your password is supplied by email with your training invitation. If you forget it you can click
on the ‘Forgotten password’ link.
14. Why does nothing happen when I click on the module title?
It could be that your pop up blocker is enabled. To disable it, you will have to allow ‘pop ups
on your screen’ for the courses to work.
Simply click on the bar across the top of your screen courses that says ‘pop-up is blocked’.
You will be able to select the option; ‘always allow Pop-ups from this site’. You will need to
confirm. Then it will take you through to the first screen of the e-courses.
15. How do I navigate through the course?
To move through the course, click on the Continue button at the bottom right of the screen.
Each module has a Module Index button in the top right corner. There is also a MENU button
at the bottom of the screen so that you can move between the four modules.

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