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HR Insight
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Human Resource and Employment Law Specialists
+44(0)1708 758958
+44(0)1708 758959
Orbital House, 20 Eastern Road
About our IOR Partnership:

HR Insight are committed to working with the IOR as a partner. In the complex and ever-changing world of Human Resources Management & Employment Law, it is vital to be up to date with legislative changes and HR Insight will work with the IOR to give members access to useful articles and events and add value to how you manage your organisation. HR Insight is able to assist you in assessing the potential impact of any of these issues on your organisation and best they can be addressed.

Offer Details:

FREE Set of Guidance Documents for IOR Members.
HR Insight has provided the IOR with a number of guidance documents consisting of, forms, policies and procedures in a format which members can easily access direct from the IOR website.  This will be updated as legislation changes and case law develops

FREE Factsheets & Pay Benchmarking Information.
IOR members will have access to free fact sheets covering subjects such as Apprenticeships, Internships, Paternity, Payment Issues, and Retirement Issues.
Pay Benchmarking information is also available.

Discounted Helpline.
HR Insight is committed to providing employers and recruiters with a commercial perspective on employment law and offering a practical, can do approach to issues focused on achieving the objective that they have.  HR Insight is introducing a premium line for members to access telephone advice from HR Practitioners at a discounted rate. The standard rates for the First Line Response Team are £150 + VAT per hour, but for IOR members the premium line will provide advice at £120 + VAT per hour. IOR members can purchase time slots of 10 minutes by contacting the IOR. 


Company Bio:

HR Insight provides practical support and solutions to businesses needing advice on issues which arise in the workplace. As a company of professional HR consultants, solicitors and lawyers, they can offer you as little or as much support as you need.

With extensive, hands-on experience of employment issues and situations and an up-to-date knowledge of employment law, HR Insight can guide your business through the maze of human resource management.†

HR Insight's response services range from a simple telephone call to drafting letters and investigating grievances; from on-site consultancy services to the overall management of a complete redundancy or consultation programme. More usually however, the HR Insight team works with you, as an integral part of your management team, helping you achieve your business objectives through the correct management of your people. Their clients receive regular updates of new UK employment laws, and practical help in implementing any required changes.

If you would like any further details please telephone 01708 758958