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Join a growing number of Professionals in HR, In-House and Agency Recruitment that is highly regarded by your international peers.
Network with colleagues globally and access an array of information, support and software to support you in your role and professional development. Hear what our partners think! | Video

Gain your own personal IOR Professional Profile Page to further evidence to clients the level of your professionalism and accreditations in your field.  The IOR's education and University Accredited CPD is world class and internationally recognized.

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Template Documents
Our template document library is an excellent growing resource for members to access and start using, saving them 000’s in costs to acquire or create.  In addition, speak to the IOR partners about tailoring any document for your specialist individual needs!
Legal & Support Helplines
Both individual and corporate members can access the IOR legal help and support lines.
Continuous Support
The IOR is committed to supporting its members and ensuring they have access to important resources and opportunities under the original membership fee.
Members Profile Page
Evidence to clients you professional status within the industry.  Members of the IOR use their IOR profile page to further qualify their industry status to clients.  Add a link to your IOR profile page on your email signature along with the IOR Logo, an international mark of quality and professionalism. 
Subsidised Education & support
The IOR is working hard to support members in accessing the very best information to build their business, individual professional development and skills base, as cost effectively as possible.  
Coming Soon! 
Free Webinar Masterclasses
Stay ahead of the competition by accessing FREE webinar mastercalsses.  The masterclasses will provide you with the information you need to offer the best possible service to your clients.
The IOR on LinkedIn
Join the UK’s largest group of its kind and get involved in some lively debate!  Your peers are there, are you?
Social Media Support
Recruitment and HR is changing.
Social media is a new channel that the sector is having to both embrace and understand.  The IOR is offering free Member Mastercalsses and webinars to better equip you, and your organisation to stay ahead of the social media curve and share best practice.
CPD | Continuing Professional Development 
IOR CPD is geared towards raising standards, empowering members with resources and the latest information, networking opportunities and university accredited events for best practice.
Members can access a wealth of information that is growing. Information includes pay benchmarking, best practice guides and more.
Research & Analysis
The IOR has a rolling research programme that will make papers and findings available to IOR members as part of their joining fees, with no additional fees required to access them.  Visit the IOR document library and access what you need from a growing list of papers.  Our University and research partners ensure the papers are of the highest academic quality. & .org FREE BOLD listing
Recruiter Index is the new ‘Who’s Who of the recruitment industry’ accessible to employers internationally.  Members enjoy a free BOLD listing with the IOR Membership logo next to their company name.
Mentoring & One to One Support
As a member of the IOR you are a member of an organisation dedicated to your needs and support.  We have many aspects of support on offer, helping you in your career as well as experienced mentors to guide you.
Get in the ZONE!
Join the IOR and ‘Get in the Zone’.
The ZONE is the forum in which you can share ideas, thoughts, issues, and let off some steam!  Are you in the ZONE?
Be part of something unique 
An industry first!  In bringing together HR, Agency & In-House recruiters under one roof, the IOR facilitates better communication, interaction, and understanding of the objectives and skill sets between each specialism.
Use of IOR International Logo
The IOR logo is an International Mark of quality and professionalism.  Members can proudly display the logo on their websites, brochures, email signatures and more, as a mark of their Professional Status.
The Wish List
Just when you thought that nobody was listening, the IOR has launched ‘The Wish List’!
The Wish List is the forum for you to tell us what you want from the IOR, what do you need, what’s lacking, what would really help you as a professional and your company?
Get Networking
Networking is at the heart of business.  The IOR will ensure members are given a great platform to meet business and peers at our many CPD Events, Networking Events, Workshops and Masterclasses in your area.  Contact your local Regional Director for more information and see our events calendar to learn more about what’s coming.