New Revenue Streams for Agency Recruiters

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IOR Academy are proud to offer a range of new revenue streams, designed to enhance the current service level offering of recruitment businesses to their clients.

These programmes have been designed to provide you with practical and realistic revenue streams that will enhance and compliment your existing service offering.

There are four key areas of the recruitment process where recruitment businesses can add significant value to their client base. We have outlined them into the following way:

Strategy – Attraction – Selection – Onboarding



Every business must have a recruitment strategy, one which aligns with the business needs and also provides and cost and time effective way to recruit top talent into their organisations.

Developing a Hiring Strategy – By performing a Recruitment Needs Analysis  for any Client who is looking to create a more streamline recruitment process, we can help the Client to create an end to end strategy for recruitment, including but not limited to:

Predictive Validity –  By analysing the various methods of selection available and understanding how each one, or a blend of methods can optimise hiring accuracy and future job performance, we can help our clients to create successful selection strategies which will improve time and cost to hire, as well as staff retention and productivity

Direct Sourcing Strategies – Developing an internal recruitment strategy for the business will allow them to directly source talent for their own business. As experts within this field, Recruiters are best placed to offer this guidance to our Clients.

Selecting and Managing your PSL – When Clients have a need for specialist recruitment agencies to partner with them to source the niche skill sets, or those that, on analysis, the business have decided that they cannot source for themselves, as Recruiters we can help our Clients to identify and select recruitment partners, and also manage their PSL for them on a master vendor basis

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Recruitment Packs – How to create attractive packs which will encourage top talent and advertise the business, but at the same time help to create the psychological contract with the candidate, and how to create them for your own Clients

Bespoke Vacancy Particulars – Understanding how to undertake the deep job analysis on behalf of the client and creating from that a detailed Company Bio, person specification and job description

Creative Advertising Campaigns – Creating effective advertising campaigns for and with your Clients to help them to attract the top talent whilst also remaining 100% compliant. Employment Branding – One of the biggest buzzwords surrounding social hiring.

Employment branding – Understanding how branding helps to attract (and retain) top talent means that we are well positioned to help our Clients to identify and promote their business through branding. Recruiters must be experts in this and offer it as an on-going service to clients of all sizes. Attracting the best candidates is directly linked to successful employment branding


Structured Competency based Interviewing – Interviews which are not structured have a much lower degree of predicting potential and future job performance than an unstructured job interview. Learn how to undertake a structured IV with a candidate and train your Clients to do the same.

Assessment Centres – Recruiters should be able to create, or advise their clients on how to create assessment centres for their hiring drives.

Social Hiring – With social media now being the best place to build your brand, identify and communicate with talented individuals social media training can also be a valuable service for your Clients

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On-boarding – Understanding how critical the process is for both employer and employee. Recruiters should be specialist in this area and offer training to Clients to ensure optimal on-boarding

Induction and Development Programmes – The first 3 months of a new employee’s career is the most critical in establishing future job performance and happiness. Creating induction and further development packs for our clients helps to enable this

Appraisal and Assessment – Conducting quarterly or end of year appraisals and assessments and vital in the employer/ee relationship and can also be used as part of appraisal processes when internally promoting (internal Mobility). Recruiters should be experts in this area and offer this training or service to Clients as part of their internal development/mobility strategy

Outsourcing Partners – When a business needs to make redundancies they will often seek the advice and/or services of an outsourcing partner which will advise on correct procedures, and assist the redundant staff with employment advise.

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