Safe Umbrella Audit Checks

This is a high quality audit being introduced to the market that safeguards recruiters. You don’t want to have to worry about liability from a third parties actions so It’s better to be safe from the outset.
Not using an audited umbrella could put recruiters at financial risk.  Many recruiters rely on umbrella companies to manage their contractors pay, in the assumption that everything is being done legally. When they realise they are being put at risk if their umbrella is carrying out unlawful practices to maximise profits its alarming the recruiters.
The Safe Umbrella Audit Covers:
Contracts of employment – including
  • Section 1 of Employment Rights Act 1996
  • Over-arching contracts
  • Rate of pay
Policies and procedures – including
  • Equality and diversity
  • Harassment
  • Sickness and absence
  • Data Protection
  • Expenses
Working Time Regulations 1998 - including
  • Holiday entitlement and pay
  • Rest breaks and daily breaks
  • Hours of work
Agency Workers Regulations 2010 – including
  • Terms of the assignment
  • Health and safety
  • Recording keeping
  • Information requests
The right to work
  • Evidence gathered
Corporation tax – including
  • Liability to and compliance with UK corporation tax
  • Corporate tax liabilities outside of the UK
Payroll taxes – including
  • Basis of engagement with workers
  • PAYE compliance
  • Payment and benefit arrangements (including flexible benefits and expenses)
  • Offshore activities
VAT – including
  • Registration status
  • VAT compliance