Amberpay Ltd

Amberpay Ltd

Business Type: Business & Manpower Outsourcing Contractor



Tel: 01624 815189

Fax: 01624 815903

Address: 1st Floor, Murdoch House
North Shore Road

Town/City: Ramsey

Country: United Kingdom


Postcode/Zip: IM8 3DY

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Company Bio:

As an outsourced contract provider to a variety of industries, Amberpay Ltd utilises approved sub contractors in order to fulfil its contract obligations. This service is of benefit both to the Client and the approved sub contractor, giving them the flexibility to utilise our services as required, without long term commitment or cost. By working with Amberpay, clients can benefit in a wide variety of ways: they are no longer burdened by employment legislation, they are not affected by the AWR which took effect on 1 October 2011, and they can make significant financial savings. This can give them the competitive edge in the current economic climate. Amberpay is always keen to increase the number of approved sub contractors available to us, in the following areas: Drivers, Logistics, Medical, Legal, Accounting, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Security, and Marketing, Promotion & Events