9 police officer found guilty of a recruitment fraud

Nigerian police service commission has declared that the nine senior officials of the police have been dismissed from there service on the 9TH of April. The reason for their dismissal is the misconduct that they did in the 2011 recruitment exercise.  Along with that, the police have said that there are 6 more officials who have undergone the trails and now will be demoted due to the wrongdoings that they have done. The PSC spokesperson Ikechukwu Ani has said that, in regard to this, all the important disciplinary bodies have taken the immediate effects.

The name of the police officials who were investigated and now will face the trail includes Abdul Yahaya and Adamu Damji Abare. Both were the superintendents of police. The PSC has not stopped here and is trying to get updates regarding other officials, who too were involved in these wrongdoings. Inspector General, Mohammed Adamu has been asked to give the PSC all the important updates that are required. It is said that the officers who will be found guilty for it, won’t be spared at any cost.

If we talk about the list of these dismissed officials, then this is not it. Other officers who were dismissed includes Osondu Christian, who was the deputy superintendent of police, Samson Ahmidu, a DSP; Pius Timiala, another DSP. Along with that, Agatha Usman, Esther Yahaya, Idris Shehu, and Hassan Dass too were dismissed. All of them were the assistant superintendent of police.

The punishment not only included the dismissal of these police officials, but there were few of the officials who were even demoted from their current post. If we talk about the list of these officials, then here also the list is very long. The official who was not dismissed, but was demoted includes Oluwatoyin Adesope and Mansir Bako. These two officials were demoted from the post of SP to DSP. Apart from this, the officials called as Gbenle Mathew, Tijani Saifullahi, Sadiq Idris and Alice Abbah were demoted from DSP to ASP. After the investigation got complete, the list was made and five officials were listed for severe punishment and five officials were actually given severe punishment.

All of these penalties that are mentioned here came in the 5th plenary meeting that was held on 5th of the march this year. This meeting was held in Abuja and was presided over by Musiliu Smith, who is a retired police inspector and chairman of the commission.

After the meeting got over, all the decisions that were taken here were conveyed to Mr. Adamu. It was expected to be implemented as soon as possible and it happened too. The mode of the conveyance was a letter, which included everything and a sign of Nnamdi Mbaeri, who is the permanent secretary of the PSC.

In its foreword, PSC said that all the measures that were taken were just to clean the police department a bit. This is not the first time that this happened, as a lot of police officers has been suspended for their wrongdoings in their past also.

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