Chief Minister Shah directed to open recruitment for the vacant posts in the state of Sindh


According to the recent reports, the chief minister of Pakistani state Sindh, Mr. Sayed Murad Ali Shah has directed all the provincial departments to start recruiting employees for 41,000 vacancies from grade one to grade fifteen. The recruitment should be done on the basis of merit and the process of the recruitment should be completely transparent. All these statements were made by him in a meeting that was done in regard to the recruitments.

In this meeting, all the Cabinet members of the state were present. The name of these ministers includes Chief secretary Mumtaz Shah, Chairman P&D Mohammad Waseem an all other provincial secretaries. In this meeting only, the chief minister revealed the number of vacancies that were available. He said that the total number of vacancies from grade 1 to grade 17 was 41,000 in number.

When asked about the purpose of this recruitment, he said that he wants to fill all these vacancies in order to improve the productivity and the conditions of the concerned departments and also to provide the employment opportunity to the people who are not working but deserve this job. He added that the whole recruitment process will be done in a very transparent way.

After this, Mr. Shah gave a separate description of the jobs. He said that the recruitment for the staffs from grade one to grade four will be done local level selection system. In this process, the induction of finance and S&GAD representatives would be done. The chief minister has given his special instructions regarding the recruitment of the woman and disabled candidates. He has directed to give them their own quota in the whole recruitment process.

In the meeting, the decision of the selection of the employees from grade 5 to grade 15 was made. This method suggests that the recruitment for the employees of these grade scales would be done by testing the third party. This is done to maintain the merit.

Along with the recruitment on the vacancies for these grade pays, the Chief Minister has asked the education minister that he should start recruitment of teachers also. The method for the recruitment of teachers should be different. The chief minister has asked the education minister to do the recruitment based on the number of empty seats in the schools so that the vacant seats for the teachers should be filled soon. In regard of this order, the education minister has assured the chief minister that the recruitment would be done soon and that too in a completely transparent manner. The education minister has assured that the recruitment for the teachers will be completed during the summer vacation.

Along with the recruitment of teachers, the recruitment of doctors too has to be done. This was the issue pointed out by the health minister Dr. Azra Fazal. He pointed out this issue and said that there is a shortage of doctors.

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