How to be smart in the labor market race?

Matt Weston who is the managing director of Robert Half which is a recruitment firm is currently looking at the United Kingdom labor market. After looking at the market initially he has given some insights about how businesses can easily attract some of the best talents working for them.

According to the reports of last month, there has been the highest rate of employment in the United Kingdom since the year 1971. The only reason this is happening is because of the buyer’s market in the country. The growth in the salary amongst all the employees in different companies is now outpacing inflation. All the candidates who are highly skilled are now comfortable with negotiating salaries because demand has grown because of the promotions and other workplace benefits.

The employment rate is fuelled by employers who have a higher skill set to adapt and also increase the whole digitalized landscape. People are seeing a growth in the labor market which is a good sign. The world of work is getting digital every day and all the companies are looking for candidates who have some good technical skills.

According to research which was done by Robert Half two out of every five organizations have considered to change and digitalize their whole working process. This is the reason why people will technical skills are wanted by all organizations. There is a lack of talents in the United Kingdom. The main concern of all the Chief executing officers is that there are not enough trained people in the country who have a deep knowledge about topics like automation and artificial intelligence.

In the past few years, there have been new job openings available because of digitalization. This is one of the reasons why there have been some major changes in workplaces all across the country. All the new technologies like artificial intelligence and automation have been adopted by all the organizations because organizations are trying to increase their efficiency and technology leaves no room for human error.

All the businesses across the United Kingdom are now adapting to all the changes around them and it will take some time for the stuff to gasp all the skills. It is clear that automation is having a big impact on the workplace and the job role of the employees are changing drastically.

Artificial Intelligence has completely taken over and it has helped companies grow with their efficiency without the scope of human error. Now companies are looking for employees who are into strategic planning and problem solving so that the employees can solve problems which cannot be solved by machines. These are some of the skills which are not very easy to train and therefore the employers are finding it hard to recruit people even when there are vacancies available in their offices. Professionals who are skilled now are getting a better shot at asking money they deserve because they finally have skills that the company is looking for.

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