Loot decided to expand business in Bristol, will organize a recruitment drive soon

The very popular mobile bank disrupter loot is trying to expand their work in Bristol. The company is already there in the UK, but Bristol is a whole new pace for them. With this step, the company has also decided to launch a series of recruitment drive around the area, as the new setup will require more employees. If we talk about the office setup then it will be there in the old office of Lot that is located in London. The only thing that will be changed is the increment of people in the tech team. Also, the size of the customer’s operation will also be increased. The company will be focusing on hunting for new talents in from the local area only. The main focus will be on the area of Bristol and South West of England.

This newly launched startup is focusing mainly on getting the attention of the millennial and students. If we talk about the functionality of this company, then it provides digital current accounts. These accounts are in high demand among the students as they really need some good app for managing their finances.

According to CEO Ollie Purdue, the year 2019 has been an amazing year for the company, as they have met their other important goals too in this year. The extension of the company in Bristol is just an addition to the continued successions. Ollie adds to this that, the company has decided for the extension just for the maintenance of great customer services. Along with this, the company’s CEO was very confident regarding his decision of extension of the company. He adds that he has a strong connection with the city as he has taken up his degree from the University of West England in Bristol.  

Ollie is very happy with the decision of choosing Bristol as the place for the company’s expansion, as according to him this is a place very close to his heart and it will fun working there. Also, Bristol is one such place, where no other firm has tried to expand its services. So, in that way also, the place is special.

If we talk about the ways in which the recruitment process is taking place, then first they have decided the number of persons to be recruited. For this new office, they want 50 employees to join their team. According to them, this figure is appropriate for the growth of their company, as of now.

For calling people, for the interviews, a very innovative method has been adopted. There is a referral scheme that has been formed. This scheme would be given to the people in the local area. These referral schemes will be distributed to the people out there and through that, they will be directly called for the interviews. The people obviously will be from the tech background. The company is hoping that there would come some great benefit from this upcoming tech region.

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