PSU’s Parsons Opens Up During First PSU Media Session

It’s almost 16 months that Micah Parsons have signed up with Penn State in a college football recruitment. After all these months, Nittany Lions linebacker has participated in his first media conference call, this Tuesday morning.

In his first year, Parsons played in around 13 games as a freshman. He managed to meet the high expectations during the game in Happy Valley. In 2005, he was the highest rated signee in the team. Despite starting with only one game, he led the Nittany Lions with a total of 82 tackles in 2018.

Parsons joined his second Penn State spring camp was considered to be a major force across power five competition. He is also regarded as the main figure in a defensive unit that is known to have tremendous potential. He along with the Nittany Lions finished the spring practice sessions on Saturday with Blue-White Game festivities.

In the Tuesday morning discussion, Parson didn’t hesitate to share his true feelings on his future goals.

Parsons, 243 pounds, 6 foot is given a scholarship from James Franklin, a Penn State coach. Parson backed off from his verbal commitment with the Nittany Lions as a sophomore in 2017. He ditched his pledge and spend his entire senior year looking for better options.

Parson left people wondering about his final decision until he took the decision of signing with Penn State in 2017. Before, entering into an agreement with Penn State, he also visited schools such as Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Ohio State, and Nebraska. He referred to his entire experience as a ‘bizarre’ process.

According to Parsons, Penn State is all set to step into the national championships in the coming future. He also addressed the development of the Nittany Lions defense.

How PSU has helped in Parsons’ development as a person?

Parsons stated, that his recruiting process was a crazy one. His decisions and personality have amazed people in a lot of ways. He always wanted to prove to people that he is more than just a football player. He wanted to prove that he was really good with his academics. Also, his main focus was to develop himself as a better athlete and person.

He also added that Coach Franklin helped him a lot to become a better athlete and a student. He put his faith on Franklin and that’s what got him here, the person that he is today.

Who was a resource during his early development phase at LB?

Parsons stated that he was learning all by himself during the springtime. This was until Manny Bowen joined the team. He looked up to him as his inspiration. Also, he has helped him a lot. Parsons also states that Bowen did a lot to adjust with him.

He also adds that he really looks up to Bowen and Jarvis Miller for helping him in every possible way. He is thankful to them for making him the linebacker that he is today. They helped him to understand the playbook really well.

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