Q2Q appointed by Approach PR for IT support

After a few successions in client win and the recruitment processes, the very renowned Approach PR Ltd has appointed Q2Q, which is a managed IT support provider company. Approach Private Ltd has taken this step to grow sustainable development in their company.

This company is situated in Ilkley, which is in West Yorkshire and apart from the development of the company; the intention of taking this big step was to secure the future proof growth of the business. This decision will help the company in decreasing the staff required for the IT and related issues.  

From quite a long time, the company was in the search of an organization that would give constant support and reliability. Along with that, the company was in the search of the organization that would give them easy document storage and the team of staff that has the confidence of using the latest technology. With the appointment of Q2Q, the company has met all their requirements. The staff that is working responds very quickly at the time of problems.

According to the managing director Suzanne Watson, the whole team of Approach PR Ltd was involved in the appointment of the Q2Q, as this was such a big decision for the whole company. The reason for the appointment of Q2Q was done because the team there, showed full confidence in their work and seemed very experienced. When they were asked about the current IT needs, then they answered all the questions confidently and solved all the queries that we had in the best way possible. The one thing that sounded most attractive was their way of explaining the future plans. They gave the best suggestions that could be executed in IT and that could be used for taking the business to a completely another level. So, when all these factors were combined together, the whole contact sounded very interesting.

Suzanne added that they are looking forward to the next step the company is going to take up. The whole staffs at Approach PR are willing to see how this new addition will help them in reaching new heights of success.

Lorna Stellakis is the co-owner of Q2Q IT. She says that, the decision of switching providers is always difficult to take and if it is related to such an important thing as IT support, then it becomes tougher. IT is something that could not be ignored in a company and it is used on a regular basis.

Lorna adds that for them, speaking to a client and asking them their pains and requirements is equally important as identifying the problems related to the IT field. She says that if the PR company talks about their position now and the position that they want to have in future, then it would be easy for them to actually know what steps to be taken in the future.

If we talk about Q2Q, then it is the IT company that provides full IT support and has a good help desk service too.

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