Refund of the hiring fees, if a worker decides to leave the company soon

According to a recent report, the recruitment agents will have to return the fee that they have taken from the employers at the time of recruitment. This will be valid in the case if the employee wants to resign from the job before the ending up of the contract, the authorities said.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced that the new rules that have been made by the Cabinet recently have started implementing soon and according to these rules, the recruitment agencies has to pay the fees of the employers back. The announcement was made on the 10th of April.

Another important notice in this regard is that the guarantee period that is there between the employer and the recruitment firm will be now increased to 2 years now.

Khalil Khoury is the undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. He says in one of his statements that the new regulations that are made, will ask the recruitment company to return the money taken from the employer at the time of hiring if the employee is not completing the two years of its tenure. This will include either the full cost payment or the partial cost payment. The amount of money that the recruitment firm needs to return will depend on various factors.

If the employee is leaving the company in just 6 months, then the firm will have to pay the total money that it has taken at the time of the hiring. This will be valid if the employee is leaving the company without giving a genuine reason that is not acceptable by the law. if the employee decides to leave the company after the 6 months of a tie, but before the completion of 2 years tenure, then the amount that is to be returned, will be calculated depending upon the remaining day of the service. Till the rules won’t come into action, it will look as if there is no use of it, but once people will see the result of the Implementation of the rules, then they will understand that these are made for the wellbeing of the people. These rules will help in the working of these recruitment firms in a more appropriate way.

If you look at these set of rules made for the recruitment firms, then it has a lot of key points. These key points include that the total money that was taken at the time of hiring, should be returned if the employee leaves the company after the 6 months tenure only. if the employee I leaving the company after 6 months of service, but before 2 years, then the firm will have to return a share of the whole amount. Apart from this, the amount that needs to be returned should be calculated from the number of days left in the service. Once the worker decides to leave the company and if the company has informed the firm, then the refund should be issued within a month.

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