RJ Hampton Declares His Recruitment Updates

RJ Hampton, 2020 guard is the best No.5 overall player in the team. He had a chat with where he revealed about his recruitment update.

According to reports, Hampton currently has four schools including Kentucky on his list. He has finally managed to narrow down his options to only four schools in the present.

He stated that in the present, he is officially focused on four schools Kansas, Duke, Memphis, and Kentucky.

In the beginning, Duke managed to provide him the perfect offer. However, they are now falling short in their attempts to Kentucky and Memphis.

Hampton is known to favor the player’s first mentality built by Coach Cal.

As stated by Hampton, he really admires the way Coach John Calipari puts his focus on players and helps them to achieve their dreams and be successful. He also helps the player to reach his goals and that’s how he motivates them to win the game. He adds, that Coach John Calipari is the main thing that he likes about Kentucky.

According to rumors, it is believed that Hampton too steps forward in the path of reclassification that has been followed by many. He is believed to shift to the 2019 class in the near future.

He mentioned that he is thinking of reclassifying to the class of 2019, at this moment.

People have questioned his interest in Kentucky as a point guard. This is mainly because Tyrese Maxey has already headed to Lexington in the coming season. In addition, Immanuel Quickley and Ashton Hagans, two sophomores have already occupied the position of the point guard.

In response to this Hampton answered that he has no problems in shifting to a new role. He is also willing to play off the ball.

Hampton says that people think he just wants to run the point. It may be true but he is willing to do according to the coach as well.

He also added that if demanded by the coach, he is willing to play off the ball and also guard the two or the threat times. According to him, playing with another qualified point guard is always a great opportunity as it is going to be challenging enough. It is going to be a kind of new experience. Also, he can put in his best effort to prove his skills.

Hampton also said that he is soon going to visit many of the schools. However, that has not been confirmed yet. He has not taken any final decision regarding the same. He also mentioned his reclassification which is going to be made in the next few coming months.

If Kentucky can grab the opportunity to get Hampton to join their side for the class of 2019, the Cats are going to have an extremely difficult backcourt. This is going to pose problems to the opponents throughout the year.

It is hoped that Coach Cal along with his staff will be able to bring Hampton to Lexington.

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