Salary figures of Bradford Council’s Chief executive revealed

  If you know about Bradford council, then you must know about Kersten England. She is the senior most in the entire team of the Bradford council and is paid the highest salary too. Well, this was a known fact to most of the people, but no one knew about the exact figure if the salary. According to the Taxpayers Alliance, Kersten England along with 6 of the other employees of Bradford Council was paid a salary of 100,000 Euros in the 2917/1 8 years.

The council says that the role that Mrs. England is playing in the council is worthy of paying this amount to her. She is responsible for around 8,000 employees and has the charge of around 1 billion.

The Taxpayers Alliance released this salary figure of Mrs. England as the part of their “city hall rich list”. This list says that the interim chief executive of Slough Council is the highest paid employee of the company. His earning was about 595,000, as per the listing did last year.

This list has found that the Essex council has 55 employees altogether that make an amount of around 100,000 Euros. In her pension contribution, Mrs. England earned 34,000 Euros, as per the figures.

If we talk about the process of the increment of the salary, then it started from the starting of the month. At the start of the month only, the salary of Mrs. England was increased up to 189,419 Euros and when the council was asked about it, then they said that it was all fair and was done in accordance with the norms made by the National Joint Negotiating Committee for Chief executives of Local authorities.

Looking at the pay policy statement of the council, you will find that the workers who are getting the lowest salary in the council will get a pay scale of 17,364 Euros in a year and the one who will receive a medium pay scale will receive a pay scale of 21,166 Euros. This simplifies the whole equation and you conclude that the chief executive earns 8.9 times more than the average salaried person of the Council.

The rumors were there, that Mrs. England is the highest paid council employee in Yorkshire. However, it was denied by the council later on.

A spokesperson from the council says that the chief executive was paid because of her responsibility in the firm. He added that it was worthy to pay her this amount, as she has done a lot of activities other than the one assigned to her. If we talk about the company, then it is the fifth largest metropolitan council in the whole country. It contributes up to 1 billion of the total budget of the country. The salary paid to the chief executive includes the payment of other important roles too. The main intention behind the payment of such a handsome salary to Mrs. England is that the council wants to attract new talents.

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