Six Signing Planned By Glasgow Warriors Before and After Rugby World Cup

According to reports, Glasgow Warriors are planning for six new signings for the coming season. The incomes will include the mixture of those who are going to be there from the beginning of the 2019-20 campaign and also the ones who are going to join after the Rugby world cup.

Warriors have currently, re-signed some of their key members of the squad. Warriors are going to lose Stuart Hogg to Exeter because of the new signing arrangement. The arrivals of the new members have been apparent by their absence. In comparison to Warriors, Edinburgh has already completed most of their business for the coming season.

David Rennie, Glasgow head coach has stated that the absence of noise from Scotstoun should not be considered as lack of activity. Also, his team didn’t need any major overhaul.

He also added that new or big names often tend to excite people. They have already made around 18 changes in the first year. This led to a major shifting of players in and out of the team. He said, that last year, they brought in around six players. They are going to bring six more players the next year. Since they are making 14 changes, it is a fact that there have been problems with the contracting. He also adds, that they have got a great team and by changing a few positions they can do even better. The team is pretty much clear about their contracting this time and therefore, there they are not sitting empty-handed.

When asked whether the signings would join after or before the Rugby world cup, he responded that some of them are going to join before the start of the 2019-20 campaign and the rest will join after the Rugby world cup. According to him, there are chances that some players may also be there playing at the World Cup. There may be some guys coming from Australia who will be busy in another competition. But that is nothing to worry about as they have a large number to serve the responsibilities that are required. He mentioned that there is enough number of players in the team to play in the World Cup so they are not worried about anything.

According to reports, next season Glasgow Warriors are going to have four coaches instead of five. The coaching team is believed to be occupied by Rennie, Jason O’Halloran, Kenny Murray and whoever is going to replace Humphreys, who is going back to Wales. He is joining them as an assistant incoming national coach Wayne Pivac.

Rennie commented that they knew all along, Humphreys is going to leave. He also expressed his feelings and about the times that they spend working together for the team. He also mentioned about Mike and that they knew about him as well. He said that they are not going to replace him but since he wasn’t there for most of the year, they are going to go with four coaches.

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