Solskjaer to end up multitasking because of no recruiter at Manchester United

According to the latest news the football team, Manchester United is still without a director of football. According to the recent reports it has been made clear that the technical director of Manchester United will soon be taking up the work of the director, but this will not be happening before the beginning of the next season. Manchester United is in a tough place right now because the last transfer season for them did not go as planned and this is why the person stepping up needs to be absolutely sure what they are doing or else the team will end up exactly how they ended up this season. The new director will have financial backing, but it is up to him how he is going to spend the money.

The former captain of Manchester United Gary Neville has come out in concern and said that Solksjaer will have to end up multitasking jugging between multiple tasks. According to Gary Neville Solskjaer will be in need of a big amount of money in this transfer season so that he is able to sign some big names to the club. Some of the big names mentioned by the captain were Paul Pogba and David de Gea. Gary has said that De Gea and Marcus Rashford has come out and said that they will not be signing with a new club and therefore it will need a huge amount of money for them to shift to Manchester United. He has also added that people are thinking that Manchester United are in a lot of trouble which is not really true.

The only work of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is to coach the team, but he is multitasking and directing the team along with taking care of financials and transfer. The former captain thinks that their coach will need someone to help him out with his work so that the whole process can be done more efficiently. All the fans are in constant fear now with Ed Woodward likely to be in charge of the transfer season this year. The club of Manchester United needs a lot of structure now because they are going through a bad time and recruiting some new people will definitely take the load of work away from the coach.

Gary Neville has come out and said that he has no idea if they could navigate the job that needs to be done. Manchester United needs to make some major changes in its team structure so that they are able to enter into the championship territory. It will almost take two years to completely turn around the squad and it is time for some major changes. This transfer season will play a big role in the two-year plan because recruiting new players will definitely bring an of changes in the squad. Woodward is the best example now for being underqualified qualified for an important job such as the transfer season for Manchester United.

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