Survey Reveals the Degrade of Mental Health of Employees Due to Financial Worries

It has been revealed in a ‘shock’ survey that one-third of the employees suffer from mental health problems because of financial worries.

Around 59% of these employees said that the biggest cause of stress for them at their place of work is their own personal financial concerns.

Just to save train fare for one day, one out of every 10 employees plans to leave out one day at work for the upcoming month.

Thirty-four percent of these people admitted that they have lost sleep for at least three days in a week due to financial tensions.

While on the other hand, around forty-four percent of the people admitted that they have not been getting ample support from their bosses regarding money related suggestions.

When these people were questioned about the form of support that was offered to them, around thirty-seven percent of them said that the HR department at their workplace is unable to give the correct standard of help to their employees with financial problems.

The survey that was conducted by Gettasub, which is a benefits giver to the employees found that near about fifty-seven percent of the working people believe that the employers should do a lot more to help their employees economically.

Ann Marie Bell, the director of Gettasub says that” It is very evident that the rising cost of living and the financial uncertainty is gradually affecting the workers in a bad way and the bosses should try to somewhat have a control on this crisis.

Just being idle and having a watch is not a choice any longer. So, the employers must understand that they have a responsibility of taking care apart from the duty of paying wages. They should be giving suggestions which can be implemented in real life and should provide options for economic help to the people who are in need.

It is a matter of shock that a lot of people doing full-time jobs are deficient in money while a lot of things can be done to help their loads, but nothing is done in this regard.

Employee’s representatives have supported their demand for extra help to the employees.

Gail Curtmail who is the Assistant General Secretary of Unite has said that” There should be a two-way answer to these alarming findings that humiliate the United Kingdom as the fifth largest economy across the globe.”

” The first should be that the bosses in the public, as well as private sectors, should give more attention and capital on the mental well being of their workers to handle this widespread disease of stress that is swallowing the workplaces of this country. “

 “More widely, the economic problem of millions of the people living in our country should be viewed in respect of a decade of severe Tory strict measures which have seriously degraded the benefits of pay and welfare. Therefore, we are suffering from the biggest crunch of household salaries since the Napoleonic wars. “

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