Technology is the best way to make your employees happy

It has been seen that all the companies who have adapted to technologies have made its employees happy because technology has made their life so much easy and simple. The problem is that the businesses all across are not smart enough till now. Technology has come a long way but most of the businesses have yet not adapted to all the latest technologies. Dell has conducted a study that has shown that employees all across the globe feel that their company is not up-to-date with the technology available in the market. In the study, all the employees have complained about their offices not having smart temperature and lighting options available.

The saddest part is that 44 percent the employees who participated in the study feel that their offices are not yet smart and they are expecting that in the coming two years they will be working in a smart office.

Megan Wright who is basically a small business technology advisor for the company Dell has said that according to her productivity is basically a key to the livelihood of any business. If the system being down is a hiccup for any company, then it is probably time for up gradation. Problems in the hardware and software department of machines will cause all the businesses to stop performing.

Intel and Dell had a study previously which was called the Global Evolving Workforce Study has stated that one out of every four employees in the global market say that if they are provided with a better form of technology they can consider for a new position. The study has also shown that if the employees are unable to get the technology they need for working then they are absolutely prepared to go above the Information Technology. It has also been figured out that over half of the employees use their personal devices for their work so that they are able to use the latest technologies. It has been also recorded that 43 percent of the employees are using their home devices for work without any knowledge of the organization. Some of the most frequent devices used globally are smartphones and laptops.

In almost all the companies the number of devices used by the employees increases at a very rapid rate. The Information Technology department always struggles on how they can manage the number of devices which are coming out of the building and coming in the building. Smartphones are the main problems because it is absolutely impossible to track down all the smartphones used by the employees.

All the employees working in different organizations have also said that technology has helped them increase productivity. Since the company is not providing them with the latest technology they are using it with the help of their personal laptop and smartphone. The entertainment industry and the media industry has seen that employees are leaving their jobs because of the lack of technology in their workplaces which is decreasing the productivity of their work.

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