The winner of Bath Chronicle and CMD recruitment employ of the month award revealed, Netitude became the winner

The winner of Bath Chronicle and CMD recruitment employ of the month award for the month of March has been revealed now and the winner is Netitude. Netitude is a company which deals mainly in the field of IT and is based in Frome. If we talk about the functionality of this company, then it provides full IT support in the form of guidance to all the big and small organizations based in South West.

Talking about this company in more details, then it was started in the year 2001 and the MD of this company is Adam Harling. The business was started by him only. The team now has grown to 32 and the target is to cross the mark of 40, by the end of the year 2019.  If we talk about the specialties of this company specifically, then it offers a brilliant outsourcing service to the businesses both big and small. Along with that, this company has a very developed and responsive help desk, which is always willing to help the customers. If you make a list of the services provided by this company, then this will include network monitoring, network management, project delivery, cyber security and strategic planning for the clients that come to them for help.

The business was nominated by this award by Jon Witcombe, who is the manager of the company. According to him, the whole staff of the company is very excited about this award. He adds that it was he, who told their MD about this award and both of them hi-fived. After that, they told each and every member of the company about this and there was a wave of happiness across the business.

According to Jon, the company was under the radar business in Frome and it was very difficult to do the marketing job. Nobody knew about them. the paths that have made them come here were very tough. In almost every interview of there, they had to face the same question and it was kind f embarrassing that nobody knew that they even existed. If you look at the situation in that way, then this award is actually very important for them.

Now, when people will read this news and will read about them, then they will come to know about them. For any business, making a global place is not important in the initial stage, what matters for it is to be known amongst the people who are around them. The manager of the company, Jon further says that when local people will come to know about them, then it would be the nicest thing ever. The purpose of getting this award will be solved, as they love the local business that they are making now a day. Also, it will help in hiring them, people from the local areas.

If you talk about the hiring process or the treatment of the company with its staffs, then it is amazing.

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