Walker Kessler Decides To Stay Back In 2020 Class, Expand Recruitment

Kessler may have thought for joining the class of 2019, but ultimately he chose to stay back in the class of 2020 and take his time. He wants to review the entire process of recruitment and game development at the high school level for yet another year.

As stated by Kessler, he wasn’t fully sure to step into college yet, so he thought to give himself some more time to adjust.

Kessler, in his junior year, has already paid an official visit to Vanderbilt, Virginia, Michigan, and Duke. According to Kessler, he wants more schools participating in the recruiting process including Tar Heels.

He mentioned that Tar Heels along with Duke, Georgia, Auburn, Virginia, and Michigan has set their priority on him.

Kessler states that he would like to officially visit Auburn. He also added that he would like to pay unofficial visits to Georgia as it’s close to Auburn.

Kessler has already reaped the advantages of the new NCAA rules. He made his five official visits in his junior year. He is yet to receive five more official visits in his senior year. Presently, Kessler has set his target on Tar Heels during his second round of official visits in his senior season.

He mentioned to North Carolina, although he has not set any dates, he is likely to pay a visit during the next term.

Kessler is known to stay in touch with Roy Williams, head coach and Brad Frederick, assistant coach as he was offered a scholarship by Tar Heels. Williams mentioned to Kessler that they would invest in him if he stayed back in 2020.

Kessler stated, that Williams had come to visit him during his practice when he mentioned that they do not have an offer for him for 2019. They would like to have him for 2020. This was before Kessler even thought of taking any decision regarding his reclassification. Kessler also added, that if he ditched the idea of reclassifying, they would be recruiting him.

Kessler has also noticed, how North Carolina has successfully given rise to big men in the past.

He even mentioned that Luke Maye has been compared to him. He also states that he is just a smart player who knows how to get to the open spots and grab the open shots.

According to Kessler, he is not in the mood to eliminate any schools from the list yet. He has recently received offers from bluebloods like North Carolina and Duke. This has made him review the recruiting process for now.

Kessler stated that at in the beginning he was approached by Georgia. For him, this was an obvious thing as his family was involved in it. However, he didn’t take any of that back then. It was the recent offers that made him widen his options and give a good thought about the whole recruiting process.

According to a 247Sports Staff, Kessler is going to join the spring circuit in the class of 2020.

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