West Midlands Trust makes vaccination mandatory for all candidates

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital has finally come out and declared that they will no longer be recruiting any people as their clinical staff if they have not had MMR vaccination. The MMR vaccination stands for mumps, measles, and rubella. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital has made it mandatory because there has been an alarming increase of measles in West Midlands. According to data which was collected by Public Health England there have been 82 confirmed cases of measles in the West Midlands in the year 2018.

The data has also shown that London and the South West and South East have identified a total of 388, 139 and 181 cases of measles. In total there has been a total of 966 reported cases all across the country. Paula Gardner, who is the chief nurse of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital has said that there has been a huge rise in the number of measles cases in England and this is why it is necessary for the staff members of the hospitals to be immune to the disease so that the hospital can treat patents easily. Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital hospital thinks it is very necessary for keeping their staff healthy in such a time. All the employees are recommended to have a strong vaccination so that they don’t end up catching the diseases themselves.

It has also been made clear that Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital will be tightening up the whole recruitment procedure so that they don’t end up recruiting people who are already affected by the disease and affect other people in the hospital. The hospital is making sure that the people they recruit are vaccinated properly so that there is absolutely no chance of infection from them or while they are working in the hospital.

After the decision of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital broke out other trusts and hospitals also started to take this step because the disease is spreading rapidly and it is necessary to control it in some way. The Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital was asked about what they will be doing to all the employees who are not yet vaccinated with the MMR to which there was no response from the hospital. It is being speculated that the hospital will be providing vaccines for all the employees who have not yet been vaccinated.

According to the Public Health England spokes, person Measles growth was seen rapidly growing in the year 2018 and in 2019 the numbers have been low. It is expected that if the country takes control over the disease by vaccination the problem will be under control. It is recommended to the people that they take the MMR vaccine so that they don’t end up catching measles. All the hospitals of England are now taking great care in vaccinating their employees so that the employees don’t end up spreading any kind of disease to the patients that are there in the hospital.

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